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Technical security systems or SECURITY SISTEMS are a basic protection for every business in terms of human security, material goods and facilities.

Recognizing the needs and characteristics of objects such as retail sales, shopping malls, hotels, banks ... we design and implement customized solutions to systems in daily use fully accomplish the task of protecting and increasing safety. In addition to high quality equipment at competitive prices we provide also maintenance service.

Video surveillance systems

Development of IP infrastructure and reduce the cost of IP video surveillance has directed our offer to fully based on IP technology.
System optimization is done by selecting the camera in accordance with a careful review of all the positions and requirements for quality footage. State of the art software and equipment responding to the greatest security challenges for recording, archiving and management of recorded content.
We use the best equipment manufacturer Siemens, Samsung, Sanyo, Pelco..

Fire Protection

Fire Protection (automatic fire alarm systems, early detection, gas detection, detection of carbon monoxide, panic lighting).

All fires initially are unnoticed and then they should be recorded and the early warning and safe detection without false alarms are the basis of the reported suppression of fire.

Therefore, the investment in a high quality and reliable fire alarm system is one of the most important in the construction of new or renovation of existing facilities, and are part of the current legislation.

Fire alarm systems are presented through a wide range of conventional systems to addressable, modular and integrated with voice evacuation systems. Systems for automatic fire detection equipment by Siemens and JVC are recommended.


Intercom (audio, video) TCS equipment and Comelite are recommended..

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems (wired and wireless, integrated)

One of the most important security burglar alarm system is the system that controls the presence of unauthorized persons at the facility without physical security or additional security link to existing physical security.

As a prevent protection systems are highly sophisticated in order not to unnecessarily disturb the false alarm caused by motions of household pets or the appearance of wind, and is also reliable enough to be activated when needed. Equipment of manufacturer Siemens, DCS and Paradox are recommended.

Access Control

(time attendance, control of goods and vehicles, metal detectors).

Access control system with Siemens equipment is designed for demanding users who want quality, and is also designed for implementation in large buildings:

- Classical access control in office buildings with the possibility of integration with other security systems - complete unification of security systems.

- Control and programming of the system via a standard Web browser. In addition to door access control, system support and functions for guard tours, vehicle gate control, monitoring the presence of ... it is possible to send e-mails or text messages to alert security to security breaches.

- Time attendance systems are adapted to small, medium or large companies and Perimeter protection system is designed to protect the area (perimeter).

The system is intended to protect military installations, country borders, airports, oil refineries, industrial plants, etc.. For this system of protection equipment OPTEX is recommended.

Perimeter protection

Perimeter protection system is designed to protect the area (perimeter). The system is intended to protect military installations, country borders, airports, oil refineries, industrial plants, etc.. For this system of protection equipment OPTEX is recommended.

Integrated protection systems

An integrated system of care facility enables all security systems communicate with each other, as well as via a centralized software monitors all alarm conditions.

Fire and burglar alarm systems, access control, CCTV and sound system will function as a single system. In the event of an alarm system will immediately direct the nearest video surveillance cameras to position the alarm, access control will unlock (in case of fire) or lock (in case of burglary) defined corridors, through the public address system will broadcast pre-recorded messages ...

For large and complex buildings such as hotels, banks, apartment complexes, shopping malls, airports, hospitals or prisons, monitoring a large number of security systems require high operating costs and a complex organization of the security.

Integrated safety systems through a single graphical user interface allows the minimum number of employees to follow all of the positions and easily to detected alarm condition.

Smart buildings

Here we would like to mention smart buildings and their benefits

- centralized and simplified management.

- Automatic control of lighting, temperature and ventilation, control blinds and windows, complete protection of the building, remote access and control of smart building ...

- Energy saving

- Overall design costs and maintenance costs are lower

Garage management

Garage management provides full control of the parking spaces and garages, thereby providing information on the number of available and occupied places, controlling billing system, accelerating the flow of vehicles and thus improve the efficiency of utilization of the entire parking area.

The system facilitates the process of parking and increase the level of safety of vehicles and people in the parking lot. Modern buildings and parking garages have multiple components, such as ramps, gates, toll stations, indicators of vacancies, the notification of users and control software. Depending on the type and size of the facility and specific needs, customers can opt for manual or automated parking systems.

Hotel automation / system

Automatic fire detection, public address message notification, SOS signalling and panic lighting are today minimum standard hotel features. Besides PBX with modern services, computer network, there are systems for electronic locks and access control for guests.

In addition to standard cable and satellite television systems there is service watching television on demand.

Such systems provide automatic disconnection of electrical appliances and the air conditioner when a guest is not in the room, and the control of lighting, ambient lighting, air conditioning and integration with alarm systems, emergency signalling and alarming floods for the hotel rooms.

The cooperation that we have with the company Siemens, contributes that we can provide complete engineering in this field.