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Financial institution

We offer systems for video surveillance, anti -theft systems and counter-sabotage equipment in the form of a metal detector and other equipment which detects attempted entry of prohibited items and materials in a protected space. In addition to protecting the premises, we offer intercom systems and systems for perimeter protection in addition with video surveillance or not, can protect property located in an open space .

Besides security systems, financial institutions must provide adequate solutions for the transfer of money, as well as stable information system. Direct contact with cash, securities and valuables from the bank requires rigorous access control systems, so tube systems are an effective solution to transport valuable shipments within the building, without the risk of their interceptions .

We also offer complete network solutions, telephone and conference systems, without which one can not imagine the daily operations of modern financial institutions. .

State owned institution

With our knowledge and experience we are able to design, create and implement the latest solutions for the successful functioning of any state institution. The specifics of these institutions require the most diverse solutions for everyday work, starting with solutions for computer networking within the institution, the transmission and distribution of signals, and the traditional conference system and audio - video conferencing .

There are systems for evidence and attendance of employees and solutions to effectively manage systems for ventilation, heating and air conditioning of buildings in which the institutions are located, thus significantly saving on the cost of daily maintenance.

Depending on the activity, some institutions are required not only for the communication but also solutions for the rapid and efficient exchange of physical shipments, such as tube systems .

Security is a very important aspect in the operations of all state institutions and our solutions for fire and gas detection systems, access control systems, CCTV, fire systems and perimeter protection area around the facility offering the highest possible level of security.

Of special significance is the counter- equipment used to prevent the introduction of unwanted and potentially dangerous objects and substances in the facility. Institutions working with a large number of people are in need to manage queues, public displays and public address systems. All the above systems are included in our offer.

Health organizations

Health facilities are in need of specific high security solutions where are implemented signaling systems consisting of a control unit,  indoor terminals, patients modules  (out of the room, the bathroom, the bed), info display and control unit monitoring the rooms.
A significant part of these solutions are anti -bacterial cables, systems for energy savings and uninterrupted supply of important devices in hospitals. Since most of these solutions are based on the IP protocol for health care facilities is a very important quality passive and active network infrastructure. In addition, IP networks and systems for signal distribution form the basis for many other systems, such as solutions for traditional and IP telephony, public displays, monitors and sound system, interactive boards and security solutions that are increasingly based on IP protocol .
Like many other institutions, hospitals and health centers are in need of a reliable system for video surveillance, access control, intrusion and fire detection systems and gas, thus the safety of that important object is raised to the required level. For all of these needs, we offer cost-effective solutions, as well as the time and attendance of employees, management of patients waiting in lines,  tube systems to transport physical shipments and management of parking for vehicles of visitors and employees .

Cultural organizations

Theatres, cinemas and museums and galleries are places of gathering a large number of visitors, which carries some risks. If we add the fact that in these facilities often keep valuable exhibits , safety must be a priority. In our offer you can find all the solutions required to achieve the highest level of security and other systems necessary to a modern cultural institution.
Security activities starts outside of the facility, where systems for perimeter protection and video surveillance protect access roads and property located in the open space. Interior of the building is provided through a closed system of internal camera video surveillance systems for the protection of electronic devices and systems for physical access control, which takes account of who and when you can get into that space. Anti-theft systems preserve artifacts outside of working hours and protection of works of art and artifacts of the accident provide fire alarm system.
Many cultural institutions today use electronic visual media as a source of additional explanations for the visitors, but more often these systems are the primary means of communication and source of information and even part of the exhibition of contemporary artistic expression. We offer a variety of solutions for audio - visual communication and interaction with visitors from the big screen via touch screens, to high - quality public address system that can be used as an integral part of the multimedia exhibition.

Military organization

Facilities that are associated with the military and defense system are institutions in which protection systems and communications must never fail. When it comes to such sensitive projects, in addition to contemporary security, IT and telecommunications equipment and infrastructure, we offer complete discretion, reliable operation of the system and its efficient and easy to use and maintain.
Being a military facility security an absolute imperative, provides effective technical protection systems, such as perimeter protection that includes a microwave barrier fence, buried cables and infrared barriers for open spaces. These systems complement the modern systems, IP video surveillance systems and physical access control, which clearly defines who and when has access to certain areas and are vital to the functioning of the conditions of top security.
We also offer intrusion and counter-sabotage equipment using metal detectors, X-ray devices and explosive detectors to prevent the introduction of prohibited items and substances such as weapons or explosives. There are also systems that prevent unauthorized use of cell phones and other wireless devices in sensitive environments.
In addition to the specific requirements for security, military institutions have a need for other systems that we offer to clients, such as the system time and attendance, professional networking equipment and systems for transmission and distribution of signals, monitors and interactive whiteboard .
For  internal and external communication, there are solutions in the field of telephony, public address systems and solutions for audio - video conferencing . Like all large structures, military institutions can reduce maintenance costs by using the system to manage ventilation, heating and air conditioning facilities.