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Public Address Systems

Public Address Systems that we offer are based on digital technology, which is fully controlled by a computer, which ensures transmission quality audio message, and contains a number of additional features, including integration with other systems in all types of buildings . In addition , all components of the public address system are interconnected with fiber optic cable, which guarantees superior sound quality and the transmission of signals over long distances.
Public address systems are used to convey messages to each user in the house. They are used in shopping malls, hypermarkets, hospitals, airports, industrial facilities, government and many other institutions, for simultaneously addressing a large number of visitors, but also for music and advertising messages. Install the equipment, which consists of the highest quality speakers, amplifiers, mixer, player, microphones and other audio components of the world's top manufacturers.
In addition to its core functions, broadcasting and entertainment facilities and a variety of notifications, it is very important and the possibility of public address systems integration with other security systems, such as systems for fire detection and alarm, as in the case of an incident ensures early warning and timely evacuation of staff and visitors.

Digital signage

Digital signage is a centralized system of transfer/transmission of information, images, video, text and sound in real time via monitors that are located inside buildings or outside.
Systems for transmission of digital messages (Digital Signage) represent the most effective way that important messages and information in an interactive way can be shared with a large number of people: customers, clients, partners or employees. These systems allow you to post info in the form of video clips, animations and interactive presentations in a fast and efficient way to convey the desired audience.
These systems can be installed outdoors, in the form of digital billboards or individual display when reaching out to all who pass by certain (mostly traffic) locations, as well as indoors, to communicate with visitors to shops, banks, educational institutions, government agencies ... System is ideal to be employed for the transmission of messages of various sizes within the company. Depending on your needs, the Digital Signage systems can use standard LCD screens, touch-sensitive models, and models resistant to the weather. Also, it is possible to connect multiple screens in a large digital sign or billboard. In the background of the system are software and player that supports interactive communication and display different types of content - video and audio files, photos, documents and web pages.
Digital Signage systems provide users with a variety of ways for a quick and successful return on investment, by increasing customer satisfaction, which in an innovative way to get the necessary information, by increasing sales of products and services displayed on the screen, to the transfer or sale of advertising space to other companies .
In addition to service delivery and installation of Digital Signage systems, we provide our customers and consulting services related to adequate preparation of messages, as well as analysis of the effectiveness of messages displayed on these systems .

Projector Systems

For conference rooms we offer solutions and equipment such as professional projectors, classical and motorized projection screen, interactive whiteboard and displays LED touch screen.

Conference System

Effective conferencing involves the use of modern sound, sometimes the translation system as well. Conference audio systems enable high-quality experience to all participants, and it is easy to extend with additional functionality and integrate with other systems.
Events in large venues with a large number of participants can not be realized without a speaker and a microphone , which depending on your needs can be wired or wireless, and which are connected to the system. In addition, they may be associated with additional devices that make it easier and faster communication within the premises of various sizes. If necessary, it is possible to record all spoken at the conference, for archiving and subsequent use.
For events in which the participants do not speak the official language of the event, there are systems for translators that allow the simultaneous translation in one or more additional languages​​. In this way, saving time and avoiding possible misunderstandings and miscommunication, and participants may select the language  and adjust the volume via wireless devices.

Video conferencing

The needs of modern businesses, especially for large companies with offices in multiple cities and partners in different countries have imposed modern audio - video solutions as an excellent substitute for travel and meeting in person. Audio - video conferencing systems allow and facilitate communication with colleagues and partners from geographically remote locations, eliminating the need for business travel to remote locations that can cause often high costs.
The possibility that , in addition to image transfer can be simultaneously transmitted voice and other contents, as well as documents from the computer, presentations, films and similar, has enabled a number of changes in the systems of video conferencing .
Frequently is used in multinational companies in order to reduce maintenance costs by eliminating regional meetings travelling.
The same principle with the need to have a meeting with the management like "face to face" is used by more and more companies that have a lot of remote branch offices, so with the fact that installing video conference systems can be done so quickly, so meetings can be done as well very quickly and on short notice.
Audio - video systems display a realistic picture caller and natural sound, and in addition provide an interactive review of documents, presentations and other data, such that all participants in the same room.

The basis of the system for audio - video conference is a big screen with a proper camera and audio equipment, while for added flexibility supported and other types of devices connected to the Internet, such as computers, tablets and smart phones.

Hotel TV

Modern hotel, following the development of telecommunications, offering its guests a wide selection of services through professional TV in the rooms. With remote control device guests can operate television channels, the Internet, to numerous applications, such as weather forecast, games, sports and fitness events ...
It is available on the TV where over web explorer or applications can access Internet content.
Using software solutions through the TV can be recorded greeting message, hotel information, hotel facilities as well as the accounts of the hotel rooms.
Professional televisions provide security of the hotel's management, the fact that impede change channel, then additional protection on the remote control in an inability removing the battery or where a single remote can control a designated number of TVs.