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Hotels and restaurants

We provide solutions that meet the demands of even the most demanding guests and users of hotel services, which significantly raises the efficiency of the operations of the hotel building. Users can count on a reliable phone system, various audio - video solutions and effective systems for room locks, safe boxes and mini-bar offers with reliable Internet access.
Hotel systems significantly helps with the records of guest spending and to speed up invoice issuing and for more efficient business hotel there are reservations systems, systems for storing keys, different protection systems and complete solutions for the efficient management of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.
Besides attendants, the conference organizers in the hotel halls have high expectations as well. Since the system notification through adequately deployed LCD screen, via audio - video systems for the efficient running of the event, with simultaneous translation into one or several languages​​, the phone system and large screen for access to information (internet and TV program), the system of contactless access to halls - the organizers and their guests expect them all to be available and to works flawlessly.

Sports and recreational premises

Facilities for sporting events are events of high risk, they must be adequately equipped in order to save lives and property, but also provide the necessary comfort to visitors.
Systems for video surveillance and access control systems, intrusion systems and perimeter protection - they protect the space in the building and around the building, a counter- equipment to prevent the introduction of potentially dangerous objects and substances in sports events.
Audio - visual effects have become an indispensable companion to sporting events. Viewers are already accustomed to high-quality sound system and big screens and we offer professional digital sound system and public address system, large public displays and accessories, network solutions and equipment for the transmission of signals, as well as the media server for the storage and distribution of audio and video content.
We design, install and maintain systems for all categories of sports and recreational facilities: stadiums, playgrounds and sports centers.

Industrial premises

The variety of buildings for industrial production requires special attention. These are very complex objects require a variety of solutions. Thanks to systems we are offering and which are adapted to industrial plants and buildings, the whole process is much easier, with a great saving of human and financial resources.
Solutions for access control efficiently and accurately assign access permits to employees, determining who and when has access to certain areas or parts of the industrial facility. For communication within industrial plants and buildings is very important quality network equipment and telephone systems, both of which are an important part of our portfolio. Fire protection and gas detection systems are closely related with the public address announcements over the public address digital sending notices to workers in the emergence of possible incidents. This ensures fast response and timely evacuation. Finally, against malicious activity we offer a wide range of systems for video surveillance and intrusion and systems.

Business - Residential premises

We install modern systems of security and protection that will enable impeccable operation of commercial and residential buildings, taking into account the ease of use of the installed solutions and efficient maintenance. We provide passive and active network equipment, telephone systems, monitors, as well as a complete solution for audio visual conferencing, which increases business efficiency and save company resources.
Access control systems determine who and at what time have access to certain areas, systems for evidence and  time attendance control the operation of employees while parking systems take care of parking management for corporate and private vehicles of employees .
Fire alarm systems and gas detection system are responsible for the safety of employees, and special importance for the security of property outside of working hours have anti-theft systems and solutions for video surveillance, which is included in our portfolio.
Modern living standards means more communication activities and higher up safety systems. All the solutions that make a modern building from the parking system via home automation, to the video intercom and video surveillance, can be found in our offer.
Home automation means that remotely heating, air conditioning and lighting can be controlled. These systems can be easily integrated with video surveillance systems, intrusion and fire alarm and gas detection system and together with intercom systems are became integrated solutions for security and efficiency of residential apartments.