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References in Serbia

Delhaize, retail shops

newly opened retails shops in Kraljevo, Novi Sad and Cacak – alarm system, video surveillance systems, sound system and access control system; 24/7 maintenance for low voltage systems in retail shop throughout Serbia

PIO fund, Nis

High voltage power systems –  distribution cabinets, lighting and electrical accessories

Gallery, Belgrade

facility in Crnogorska str – sound system, video surveillance  and intrusion systems

Center for social Entrepreneurship, Belgrade

350 m²  – high voltage power systems (installation, voltage counters, distribution cabinets, lightning conductor, distribution boards, electrical accessories, lighting), low voltage systems (IP video surveillance, fire safety alarm, video intercom system, SOS system, time distribution system, active and passive computer network, cable TV system, ambient sound system.

VTB bank, branch office in Belgrade

IP video surveillance, system for fire detection, video intercom systems, active and passive computer network, ambiental sound system

Crowne Plaza, Belgrade

hotel - 417 rooms. Fire alarm system, gas detection system, intrusion alarm system, structured cable system, broadcasting installations, sound system, IP video surveillance; wireless and wired telephone network systems, access control system, guard system and hotel room automation

Atlas Grupa, Belgrade

office building in Belgrade (Nusiceva str),  3.000 m², access control, video surveillance, video conferencing; residential property - video surveillance, alarm system, fire alarm system and video intercom;  maintenance activity

Corridors of Serbia, tunnels Lipak and Zeleznik

installation of the elements for power system (cable installation for tunnel lightning, fans and switchboards); tunnels length: 665 and 699 m

Eksim bank

video surveillance, alarm systems, fire alert, access control in following branches: N. Belgrade, Paracin, Zajecar, Vranje, N.Sad, Krusevac – in total 19 branch offices

Raiffeisen bank, Belgrade

alarm system, fire alert, access control, video surveillance in Belgrade main branch (Resavska str), Banovo Brdo, N. Belgrade, Obrenovac, Arandjelovac, Subotica, Kragujevac, Bor, Novi Sad, Prijepolje, Nis – in total 30 branch offices;
video surveillance system, alarm system, access control system - headquarter in New Belgrade - 20.000 m²

Privredna bank, Belgrade

alarm system, fire alarm system, access control, video surveillance branch offices Jagodina, Pozarevac, Sabac, Leskovac, Kragujevac, Krusevac, Nis, G. Milanovac, Paracin, N. Pazar, N. Belgrade Enjub, Zajecar, airport Belgrade -  centralized video monitoring system for all branches maintenance activity

Video surveillance of Belgrade city

monitoring centre and video surveillance of 60 cameras

Vojvodjanska bank

fire alarm system, alarm system, video surveillance in branch offices in Kragujevac  and Obrenovac

Infiniti Dobracina, Belgrade

residential and commercial building 4.000 m², installation of equipment for high and low current, smart building design, video surveillance, intrusion and fire alarm system, video intercom, ambiental sound system and housing sound   

Under and overground garage, Belgrade

telephone network, fire detection, gas detection, sound system, video surveillance, (Siemens, Bosch and Samsung equipment) Baba Visnjina str, area 5.000 m²

Gombit, Indjija

factory for meat production, 2.000 m², fire alarm system, video surveillance, LAN telecommunication, optic network and access control

Milsped, Belgrade

warehouse - distribution area - 22.000 m², fire alarm, video surveillance, access control,  video intercom, Siemens equipment

Mercedes – showroom, Belgrade

truck centre 10.000 m², access control, fire and alarm system and video surveillance

Bambi, Pozarevac

ambient sound system and wireless alarm system

TC Usce, Belgrade

fire alarm and access control

Gerontology center, Ruma

fire alarm -  Siemens equipment (5.000 m² facility)

Gala water, Valjevo

video surveillance system of 46 cameras, perimeter protection OPTEX 40 perimeters

Medika projekt, Belgrade

alarm system, surface area of 500 m²

Euro Mediko Trade, Belgrade

video surveillance system and intercom system

Eurosalon, Belgrade

video surveillance system residential structure

Eurosalon Home centar, Belgrade

video surveillance system for 10.000 m² building in Vojvode Misica blvd;
video surveillance system in business centre Usce

Adoc, Belgrade

alarm system, video surveillance systems and video intercom systems for 10 premises; residential and commercial building, warehouses; total area about 15.000 m²

Kirka Suri, Belgrade

boiler factory – alarm, telecommunications system, access control and video surveillance

Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade

administrative building – telecommunications system

Youth of Jazas, Belgrade

video surveillance, alarm system, intercom and ambient sound system

Roche, Belgrade

alarm system – representative office (Gospodar Jevremova str) 1.000 m²

Dabel, Belgrade

5 buildings and office space, warehouse space  3.000 m² alarm system, video surveillance, intercom system, control for working hours

Nensico, Belgrade

commercial and residential building  – alarm systems and video surveillance system

Manhattan, Belgrade

alarm system and video surveillance – Nokia distributer

Kupinik, Belgrade

manufacturing plant 1.100 m²  video surveillance system

Rarex, Belgrade

commercial and residential premises, alarm system video surveillance and access control

Mimont, Belgrade

commercial and warehouse space  – alarm system 1.200 m²