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All forms of information (voice, image, text, computer data and video conferencing) is transmitted via the telephone network and the rapid development of telecommunications has led to the introduction of IP telephone exchanges. Depending on your needs, we use an analogue PBX, IP PBX, different kinds of phones and GSM gateway.
Recommended equipments are Siemens and Panasonic.

Computer Networks

Computer networks are caused by the need for faster and more efficient sharing and distribution of information within the company and facilities, and today every business has LAN network. Vitreum performed the complete work, from the conceptual design, project development, installation works, optical networks, wireless transmission, to testing and cut-over. So far we have done a complete computer network via fibre-optic cables in large systems, commercial buildings and industry, with Cisco and HP equipment.

Cable TV

Cable systems mostly receive TV and radio channels in residential and commercial buildings.  Depending on clients desires can be installed satellite system with equipment manufacturers Telewes and Spaun.

Active and passive network equipment

All devices that are used in a business environment based on mutual connection through the network resources. Seamless transmission of different data types (data, voice, video) is a challenge that modern network equipment successfully overcomes.
Modern network equipment allows easy wired and wireless connectivity, efficient load management to increase the speed of data transfer, as well as optimization for specific applications, such as voice and video signals in real time, even in the case of HD quality videos .
Our engineers are available to you when creating a project and network components. We offer switches, routers, wireless access points, and all other equipment necessary to establish an efficient transfer of all data types that influence the company's operations.
Optimizing solutions for our clients, we offer a number of active network equipment manufacturers.
Vitreum is a certified Cisco Systems Small business partner whose equipment is recommended in the facilities of a high reliability and safety .


The basis of reliable functioning of embedded systems within a facility is well performed installation. When designing we always take into account not only the current requirements but also possible future situations and needs. With passive network equipment and cable of quality manufacturers we are able to solve all types of cable trunking distribution: concealed, floor, ceiling ... In addition to design and installation services, we provide testing and certification of LAN networks..

Optical Networks

Modern facilities such as HD TV & 3D TV and an increasing need for the transmission of multimedia content, require higher speeds so modern optical networks and existing facilities of the technologies of the future has become a real present technology.
In recognition of optics as a safe investment Vitreum is offering accessories and cables as well as the performance of optical networks since year 2008.
Some of the advantages of optical networks are smaller dimensions compared to copper cables, lower weight, the ability to transfer large amounts of information, a low signal attenuation, long range and insensitivity to temperature changes.

Wireless networks

Mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, POS terminals, digital display, IP video cameras and a variety of other devices have a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) as optional or more as the only option for connecting to the local network. The need for wireless networking and Internet access is increasingly present in almost all types of buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, stores, business, educational and medical institutions.
In addition, taking into account the optimization of the investment costs for the hotels we offer professional Samsung Hotel TVs with built-in Wi-Fi access point without additional infrastructure that allow guests wireless Internet access in the hotel room.