State owned institution

With our knowledge and experience we are able to design, create and implement the latest solutions for the successful functioning of any state institution. The specifics of these institutions require the most diverse solutions for everyday work, starting with solutions for computer networking within the institution, the transmission and distribution of signals, and the traditional conference system and audio - video conferencing.

There are systems for evidence and attendance of employees and solutions to effectively manage systems for ventilation, heating and air conditioning of buildings in which the institutions are located, thus significantly saving on the cost of daily maintenance.

Depending on the activity, some institutions are required not only for the communication but also solutions for the rapid and efficient exchange of physical shipments, such as tube systems .

Security is a very important aspect in the operations of all state institutions and our solutions for fire and gas detection systems, access control systems, CCTV, fire systems and perimeter protection area around the facility offering the highest possible level of security.

Of special significance is the counter- equipment used to prevent the introduction of unwanted and potentially dangerous objects and substances in the facility. Institutions working with a large number of people are in need to manage queues, public displays and public address systems. All the above systems are included in our offer.