References Montenegro


Delivery, installation and commissioning of all low and high current systems – 20 000 m²


- Delivery, installation and commissioning of high and low current systems, 25 000 m2and 270 rooms


- Reconstruction of the facility, delivery, installationand commissioning of all high and low current systems, 18 000 m2

PORTO MONTENEGRO, Ksenija Apartments

Apartment building in Tivat, with an area of 12 500 m2, Electrical installations, Outdoor and decorative lighting, Telecommunication and signalling systems, Electric motor drive and the control and management center (EMP and CSNU), Fire protection, Gas alarm


96 000 m² - fire protection system, multifunctional alarm system, access control system, IP video surveillance system, video intercom system, structured cabling system, RTV installation, sound system, gas detection system, control center, transformer substation facility, garage system (22 ramps, 4 control inputs, occupancy control)


business-warehouse space: - fire alarm system, CCTV, access control, alarm system, telecommunication system, video surveillance and high current systems - all electric power systems (installations, lighting, generator, etc.) – 5 000 m2

Hotel Aurel

Hotel - 55 rooms, video surveillance, fire alarm and gas detection

Atlas bank head office, Podgorica

2.500 m² - multifunctional alarm system, fire safety alarms, access control, IP video surveillance, telecommunication system, active and passive computer network, sound system, digital signage, video intercom system

Embassy of United Arabic Emirates, Podgorica

fire alarm system, multifunctional alarm system, access control, IP video surveillance systems, video intercom system, structured cabling system, sound system, metal detector and X rays for bags

Hotel Ridžent, Tivat

hotel – 80 rooms, 22.000 m², alarm system, gas detection, fire extinction, computer network (Cisco), hotel room automation, video intercom system, video surveillance, access control and sound system

Residential building, Bar

low current systems

Farmegra distribution centre, Podgorica

Fire detection alarm system and computer network

Efel Motors, Podgorica

4.000 m², Toyota distributor for Montenegro - fire alarm system, gas detection system and video surveillance

Residential bussines facilities, Pljevlja

high and low voltage systems

Sveti Stefan

LAN, video surveillance, fire safety system and alarm system - 1.000 m²

Military warehouse Taras, Danilovgrad

video surveillance, CCTV and perimeter protection

Hemomont, Podgorica

extension od existing fire safety alarm system

Airport Podgorica

extension of existing fire safety alarm, intrusion alarm, access control, CCTV systems and Siemens MM 8000 system

Airport Tivat

delivery equipment and reparation of video surveillance system, access control, intrusion and fire safety systems