Since 2008 Vitreum expanded activity to high current systems and lighting in certain segments, so now we can offer all power protection systems, transformers, distribution boards and accessories, cable and distribution equipment, panic lighting,   and rail distribution and lightning protection installations.
Complete work from design through construction, cabling with installation of high voltage elements  we are doing for industrial and residential business property.
We have a team of engineers and electricians who with years of experience in the industry can guarantee high level of professionalism and quality of work.
We have established cooperation with all leading manufacturers for power system protection, switchboards and equipment, cable equipment and distribution, equipment for structural cabling, emergency lighting and accessories.
Then our cooperation continues with a vendor for switchgears, electric bus bar trunking system, voltage counters, internal and external lighting, lightning rod, uninterruptible power supplies UPS devices and power transformers.

Power distribution box
Power transformers
UPS devices
Electrical trunking syste
Lightning rod
Electrical accessories